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Unkind (Album)

by Jack Adamant

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I didn’t know you parked in double lines You couldn’t stand to drive far I don’t wanna put pressure on you But I’m kind of restless too Please can you take me out? Show me the way to Churchtown Drop me off where I can see the docks The clocks and the liver-birds Turn down the radio, I wanna hear How the people live The skies are opening over the pier The tide is turning in Tell me we’re gonna have another ride I like being with you outside Even when your driving doesn’t feel safe I am asking you to cut to the chase Turn down the radio, I wanna hear How the people live The skies are opening over the pier The tide is turning in
6:30 AM and it is bright outside No smell of coffee, maybe I don’t need one Just need to stretch my legs and be out The bus came early, no mercy for me again I do not think I’m a nine-to-five guy I struggle only when it takes me to something nice Sometimes I quit before even trying like The rail on the floor with the curtains wrapped up Tell me how can I make our day? How can I make you less insecure? Depending of what we need to depend A blurry vision when we do not want to understand And it’s so beautiful to see you going Going to the store or to some car boot sale Like we have plenty of space home So excited to empty out your bags About 5 PM and I just took off my glasses I know I left all the dishes to you And me, I’ve always been very generous But this time, it was dangerous!
And I 03:12
And I have you if you do not mind Now it’s only you who I care about It flows like a lie through the wind Your empathy is like never before And how can I forget? you standing in the way Of me asking myself if you’re only in my head And I have to speak and think fast We do not want to be left behind This is part of me, this is a true fact I can’t touch you but we share a heart Only in my blue mind, only you can wake me up Hit me and try to knock me down again With a medicine that is strong enough And I have to tell you if you’re the one And tell the whole thing to everyone I see you changing clothes with a certain style But when you look at me I can’t see your eyes
Unkind 04:01
I have my way to be unkind It seems to be conscious even when it’s not With all these rumours, I don’t know If I should care or just to write them off I have some questions or maybe they’re doubts Can’t find the words to explain this It’s a fucking waste to stay in bed Drag myself up and get out of my head Life in the past, a life without thrills Doesn’t belong to me anymore I’ll run miles and miles away Running out of time I am not afraid Afraid of getting high You are not the same as you used to be You had a sense of humour and such good taste The first time I saw you I thought you would give me headaches I’m not at fault, now that you’ve proved me right
Before you hold me tight You tell me it will be alright You never wanted to be away from me Do you know what that means? We have to find a way to shine, over time Until it’s gone but we’re not yet primed Why it can't be shown? Why should I wait for so long? When will I see the light? How long do we have to decide? You tear up old photographs Every shot with them detailed Their face in your mind fades away From memory, they fade away Like a spark between two Strangers can reignite
Into 01:42
Jane was so tired to see all wrong After all these years she’s not able to start Grace and Brian are pretty allergic one another Upside down I’m telling my chant When a pick lands on my strings I’d say it’s ok, but in my dreams I reached flavors I’ve denied Upside down I cannot speak I try to keep in my mind, never tuna for that guy Let alone the mushrooms when Ely is here That’s a bad leisure, I would rather to stop But I can’t right now, I’m on the cliff edge
Is there any way to stop you? Tell me if I was close sometimes Before it was only sunshine I shouldn’t pick the wrong word I wished to be ahead of this Secretly looking for peace Enthralling your skinny shape A little less your cutting bullets Never used to be so weak Being alive is always sweet Give me your hands and force me down Show me you’re stronger than you look I knew I had a sort of glitch A peculiar taste I’ve always had Nervous in front the circumstances When the countdown is right on my face Afraid to decide at the same time What about you take me toward The right line with a lullaby? I definitely had a bad dream Hard to believe you had it too And you wanted it too Every step I’m walking to it starts to drag me down Pass me a bit of your comfort, this is kind of wrong How is it going to be? What if one of us drown? Stretch my wrist till it feels the crack Ask me if I can resist the break
A thousand ways to say, A thousand ways to say "no" And after all, I have learned that I can take you anywhere you want to go I know, I know, I know everything But it doesn’t seem to calm you down Fears are strangers and we’re afraid to cope It needs more practice to stay strong And I found the way through All the ways to get through this Wiped out and with a lot of tears I can’t stand when I am down on my knees I’m not looking for opinions So direct them elsewhere Don’t be mad at me it doesn’t help us It’s not mine either your fault Sometimes you scream to feel happy again And now I’m pleading with you Can you feel how hard this is? Let’s turn our backs on this world And be what we wanna be


released July 26, 2019

Written, performed and produced by Jack Adamant

Special thanks to:

Paolo Palmieri - Lead guitar on “Just telling ya”
Eric Haney - Lead guitar on “And I”
Gerardo Monteverde - Keyboards on “All the way through”
Lorna O’Farrell - Broken English-fixer
Gelsomino Monteverde - Artwork


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Jack Adamant Stockholm, Sweden

Alternative folk/rock

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